Application Portfolio Management

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Service Portfolio

ServiceView is a metadata repository for services used throughout the organisation. It records service names, purpose, owners, technology and stored data as well as 50 other fields.

  • Service Purpose - The use of each service is stored allowing a service portfolio to be generated.
  • Service Owners - Business, technical and budget owners are recorded against each service.
  • Technology - Operating Systems, programming languages, databases and other technology is recorded against services.
  • Stored Data - The type of data the service uses or used is stored. This information can form the basis for an information asset register.

Service Owners

ServiceView has the ability to service, budget and technical owners of services. This allows ServiceView to notify the correct people for change requests, unexpected outages or upcoming equipment decommissioning.

ServiceView can then notify the owners when a change request has been completed or an outage has been resolved. These notifications can be either SMS or Email as well as a notification on their ServiceView home page upon logging in

Service Purpose

ServiceView records the service purpose against each service, using the service purpose and the set dependencies ServiceView is able to produce detailed reports outlining the risks of the service and the impacts of any changes to any dependent services.